Amy reid j/o pantyhose rapidshare

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Kathy - 22 March 16:50

old slag

Wilburn - 5 July 11:25

As does my sister

Angele - 9 February 22:11

Is jy pies fuced up you dom slet

Milhouse - 28 February 11:46

I know that it was intended to be light hearted, but I worry that the Wield your wiener line on drunk sex was extremely misleading and one sided. I feel like it propagates the misconception that males are the only ones really responsible for sex acts done in inebriation.

Rainwaters - 23 September 04:55

If you can't operate a machine, you shouldn't operate your wiener it's indirect, but it certainly implies the myth that rape is a male thing. Women can coerce men into sex. Sure it's rarer, but rarer doesn't mean non-existent. The first step toward being able to talk about this as equals is to treat us like equals remove gender from the discussion, unless it's a scientifically relevant statistic. It's okay to say that men are usually the rapist, but it's wrong to leave women out too.

Marshall - 19 April 14:56

This is not made, but good, its may hobby to wacht it